Thursday, October 2, 2008

When The Moon Hits The Sky Like A Big Pizza Pie...

When the moon hits the sky like a big pizza pie, that's amour. Wow! Dating after forty, how perfect is that! The kids are gone, your life is hopefully on track and being pregnant is not an option.

According to surveys, millions of boomers are looking to just date or to find love. That means 70% of single boomers are dating. Some say maturity brings confidence to the dating scene. There is no reason to be needy because boomers are not necessarily looking for marriage or even a long term relationship.

Searching the web for meeting that special person is certainly a perfect option. It cuts through the red tape an is a straightforward way of connecting.

An AARP study showed, though, that boomers are not taking precautions when it comes to having sex. The study says 76% of singles 45 and over don't use protection. The rate of sexually transmitted diseases among boomers is growing. So, in light of that, put on your little hats and have a real good time!

In this blog, I intend over time to list and review the perfect dating sites for folks like us. Until then I have one to share,Senior Friend Finder Boy, do I hate that word senior! This site is just for us. No young kids trying to date us seasoned wise ones. Cuts to the chase. To the point. Boomer land of love.
All you need is love!

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