Saturday, October 4, 2008

Guide Me Please

I needed a guide. You know, someone to show me the territory. The territory of being an all grown up baby boomer. There's alot involved, plenty to know. So, I set out on my hunt, the expedition of knowledge. After many long journeys, I found the perfect specimen. The holy grail of grails. The knowledge I was seeking was right at my finger tips. I discovered it all. How to secure my financial future in a 5 part ecourse and how to invest and get the most from my returns. I uncovered the truth about aging, diets, and how to avoid alzheimers (aghhhh...) I learned how to manage stress and improve my heart and strength. Seriously, this is "The Ultimate Baby Boomer Guide" starring you! I highly recommend this book.
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There's a whole big world out there!

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