Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fire Up The VW It's Time To Retire!

Wow! It's finally time to retire and it's on the road again! I can't wait! Just like old times. What am I thinking? I can't retire now, there's no money left in my retirement account. I'm not prepared. I'll outlive my money, then what? Social Security? There's no security in that! This is exactly the situation most of the boomer generation is facing.
People aged 55 and older will almost double between 2007-2030 from 60 million to 107.6 million. That's alot of jobs. The gallop poll says that 63% of non-retired adults plan to work into retirement. There is really no choice. But, what can we do?
Greet people at Wallmarts? Flip burgers at McDonalds? No Way!
Did you know that people 55-64 start small businesses at a higher rate than any other group in the US? Sole proprietorships, home-based and online businesses are a perfect fit because they are less expensive to start up and more flexible. What better way to earn a living than to use the computer for profit!
If you are interested in that route (instead of Route 66) check out the Small Business Association's website. There are many resources available to get started and pointed in the right direction.
Small Business Association Website

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hail To The Chief


My name is Joyce Welling and I approve this message!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's My Party And I'll Cry If I Want To..

At a time when Americans are hiring coaches for everything from careers,tutors,personal shoppers, trainers or weddings, the boomer generation is also giving their funerals a personal touch. Funeral directors are now becoming party planners breaking away from traditional church services and organ music.
We boomers like to be in control, so we want services that reflect our personal tastes and lives. Don't mourn death, celebrate life! One family asked for a memorial at their father's favorite golf course, and another wanted his friends to ride Harley's and scatter his ashes on his favorite road. The town's ice cream man in Massachusetts, had his ice cream truck lead the funeral procession. At the gravesite, popsicles were handed out. Some funeral homes even offer live streaming web cams.
Most families now choose cremation, so the services are becoming more lively and less somber because there is no dead body around. Without that, there is more freedom to be creative to go to a bar or restaurant, for instance.
The afterlife accessories are also gearing up for the boomers. Caskets now can be made with your favorite sports logos. The baseball urns are a huge success.
Now that I have you thinking about your funeral, what about me? I thought about having my body neatly tucked into my sleeping bag with granola bars and apples for the afterlife. Then after being put into my canoe, light it on fire and launch me off onto the river at sunset. A true viking funeral. Cheap too.
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Saturday, October 11, 2008

What's For Supper?

Remember coming home from school and asking your mom, "What's for supper?" In my case, it never failed. It seemed like she was going to make exactly what we had in the school cafeteria for lunch. Those were the days in the fifties of optimism and prosperity was in the air. Most people believed in the advertisers promises of brighter tomorrows. Homemakers were intensely motivated with convenience foods like canned soups and jello and the media created a peace time market for war time foods. They were foods that were totable and convenient.

We watched the idealized TV shows like Father Knows Best or Leave It To Beaver. Mom served the meals with perfectly designed hair and a crisply starched dress with a tiny apron. At the table sat the perfect children and the husband in a suit coat. Little did we know, that mom was actually killing us with all that convenient food.

I remember having to eat everything on the plate, as we all did then. How criminal not to, when there were starving children in other countries. I bet I sat at the table for hours trying to chew and swallow what my mother considered steak. I would have given it to the dog, but we didn't have one. Stuffing those little green peas down the metal table leg was a chore and time consuming. Years later when the old table made way for the new one, hundreds or maybe thousands of dried up little peas came pouring out the bottom of the table legs.

The casserole was the dish of choice back then. An abundance of processed foods were avaliable to let the cook, who really didn't know how to cook, create a dish of comfort. To this day, I can't understand why these foods were considered comfort foods. Was it because we fell asleep so easily after eating them? Or, was it due to the fact that they filled us up so fast? These casseroles were so high in fat and after a decade of rationing foods during world war two, plain cooking was all that housewives could do.

I really think the companies that manufactured can openers in those days made a killing. I know because my mother had at least ten. We always had canned food and I am sad to say, I didn't see or hear of brussel sprouts until I was in college. I also remember the only lettuce was iceberg. There were two kids of dressings, orange and italian when the cooking got fancy. When I think back on those days at the kitchen table, I shudder. Maybe that's why I learned how to cook so well. Bon appetite!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

I'm not old, nor do I ever intend to be. My parents were, but I don't think they had a choice. They didn't care because they thought it was just to be expected of them. We as boomers have choices. The anti aging, health and beauty industries are seriously targeting us. They know we are the fountain of youth generation.
Looking for that quick fix for the bags under your eyes? The buzz on the internet now is (hang on to your seat) Preperation H. Seriously, it is supposed to constrict the blood vessels, thus shrinking those big old bags. Now, I hardly can imagine myself going to the drug store and actually buying Preperation H in the first place. I can see the whole scene now. I'm standing at the counter with that purchase in my hand and I can read the cashier's mind. I say to her, "Really, I really don't have hemorhoids. This is not the reason I am buying this stuff, really." "Oh, sure," she thinks, laughing inside. I say, "It's for the bags under my eyes, really." She's not laughing inside anymore because she's ready to call 911. That's not going to work at all, so I guess I could send in some kid who can say he's buying it for his grandmother.
But, that whole approach seems like sending in an underage person to buy me some beer. What ever happened to good old fashioned cucumber slices?
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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Guide Me Please

I needed a guide. You know, someone to show me the territory. The territory of being an all grown up baby boomer. There's alot involved, plenty to know. So, I set out on my hunt, the expedition of knowledge. After many long journeys, I found the perfect specimen. The holy grail of grails. The knowledge I was seeking was right at my finger tips. I discovered it all. How to secure my financial future in a 5 part ecourse and how to invest and get the most from my returns. I uncovered the truth about aging, diets, and how to avoid alzheimers (aghhhh...) I learned how to manage stress and improve my heart and strength. Seriously, this is "The Ultimate Baby Boomer Guide" starring you! I highly recommend this book.
Discover This Book Here!
There's a whole big world out there!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

When The Moon Hits The Sky Like A Big Pizza Pie...

When the moon hits the sky like a big pizza pie, that's amour. Wow! Dating after forty, how perfect is that! The kids are gone, your life is hopefully on track and being pregnant is not an option.

According to surveys, millions of boomers are looking to just date or to find love. That means 70% of single boomers are dating. Some say maturity brings confidence to the dating scene. There is no reason to be needy because boomers are not necessarily looking for marriage or even a long term relationship.

Searching the web for meeting that special person is certainly a perfect option. It cuts through the red tape an is a straightforward way of connecting.

An AARP study showed, though, that boomers are not taking precautions when it comes to having sex. The study says 76% of singles 45 and over don't use protection. The rate of sexually transmitted diseases among boomers is growing. So, in light of that, put on your little hats and have a real good time!

In this blog, I intend over time to list and review the perfect dating sites for folks like us. Until then I have one to share,Senior Friend Finder Boy, do I hate that word senior! This site is just for us. No young kids trying to date us seasoned wise ones. Cuts to the chase. To the point. Boomer land of love.
All you need is love!

Boomers and Changing Senior Centers

It's going to happen. We boomers are going to frequent the senior centers. We need that social interaction in our lives. There is need for some serious changes, though.
First of all. we hate the word senior. We could call the senior centers, community centers. After all, we know what communes are all about and it would be more fitting.
Secondly, the menus have to change. No more tapioca, fruit cups and chicken fried steak. We require more vegetarian selections, wraps and lattes.
Programs need to change. They have to be made more diverse and intellectual. I realize too, that the long term visitors can't be alienated, but the programs could meld the the generations together. Programs like retirement advice, vacation planning , or help with taking care of our aging parents would be more suitable to our needs.
Lastly, the activities would have to suit our lifestyles. We cannot exist on bingo, shuffleboard and making quilts. We require high energy exersize, investment and motorcycle clubs and Xbox tournaments to name a few.
I don't think this is too much to ask, although the reality is, there are 3 generations in the "senior centers" which include the G.I. generation from world war two, the silent generation from the 50's, and the ever popular baby boomers.
We can all co exist for sure. That's what community is all about.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I am a baby boomer. The day I turned 50, I was so happy, so exhilarated. I had reached a landmark in my life. I had lived a half of a century. I felt like a diva, a princess, a queen. I demanded the respect of all those who I came in contact with that day. I decided then and there, that I was going to do whatever I pleased, whenever I pleased. I earned that right.
Now at age 58, that day seems like a blur. Granted, I still feel that moment of exhilaration, but in the same respect, a sort of reality set in. There are issues my generation have to face, from being caretakers of our parents, retirement, to even trying to find sensable clothing to fit my mindset.
Oh, those days in my life, seem to make reality non existant. Elvis, rock and roll, free love, lsd and Jimmy Hendricks. How perfect was that world! Where do we go from here?