Saturday, November 20, 2010

Emergency! Squad 51 Calling Rampart!

I love this TV show! I watch it almost every day on Reto TV. What a treat! Emergency originally aired
between 1972 to 1977.
Many episodes dealt with real events in order to entertain and educate the public. Some of the disasters these guys were called to actually seemed real. Their characters knew what to do and made the situation
seem like they were really there..
There were 3 rescue vehicles on this show. One of them, Squad 51 was a 1972 D-300 truck. This vehicle was built entirely by scratch due to the tight filming schedule. Now the truck sits in a fire museum in Bellflower, California.
The two main firemen were Johnny Gage and Roy Desoto. They were two cool dudes. They had their hands full with different interesting emergencies. It seemed like by the time they got back to the station, the alarm would ring and they were out on the road again helping someone in distress.
Some of the other characters, if you remember were firemen Captain Hank Henry Stanley, Chet Kelly, Marco Lopez, and Mike Stoker.
Remember Dr. Kelly Brackett? He has his own adventures. I saw him just yesterday get bit by a tiny catfish that jumped out of an aquarium. He almost passed out.
There was Dr. Joe Early, the neurosurgeon, who donates his time to the ER department at Rampart Hospital.
Nurse Dixie McCall was always on it. Everytime that call came in from Squad 51, and the big light started blinking, she was right there to answer the call. She would read the vitals to Dr. Kelly and he would tell the firemen what to do.
The exterior of Rampart Hospital was actually Harbor UCLA Medical Center in Torrance, California.
Now, there you have it. It's almost 3:00 and I have to turn on the TV.
Squad 51 calling Rampart! Do you read me?