Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's My Party And I'll Cry If I Want To..

At a time when Americans are hiring coaches for everything from careers,tutors,personal shoppers, trainers or weddings, the boomer generation is also giving their funerals a personal touch. Funeral directors are now becoming party planners breaking away from traditional church services and organ music.
We boomers like to be in control, so we want services that reflect our personal tastes and lives. Don't mourn death, celebrate life! One family asked for a memorial at their father's favorite golf course, and another wanted his friends to ride Harley's and scatter his ashes on his favorite road. The town's ice cream man in Massachusetts, had his ice cream truck lead the funeral procession. At the gravesite, popsicles were handed out. Some funeral homes even offer live streaming web cams.
Most families now choose cremation, so the services are becoming more lively and less somber because there is no dead body around. Without that, there is more freedom to be creative to go to a bar or restaurant, for instance.
The afterlife accessories are also gearing up for the boomers. Caskets now can be made with your favorite sports logos. The baseball urns are a huge success.
Now that I have you thinking about your funeral, what about me? I thought about having my body neatly tucked into my sleeping bag with granola bars and apples for the afterlife. Then after being put into my canoe, light it on fire and launch me off onto the river at sunset. A true viking funeral. Cheap too.
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