Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fire Up The VW It's Time To Retire!

Wow! It's finally time to retire and it's on the road again! I can't wait! Just like old times. What am I thinking? I can't retire now, there's no money left in my retirement account. I'm not prepared. I'll outlive my money, then what? Social Security? There's no security in that! This is exactly the situation most of the boomer generation is facing.
People aged 55 and older will almost double between 2007-2030 from 60 million to 107.6 million. That's alot of jobs. The gallop poll says that 63% of non-retired adults plan to work into retirement. There is really no choice. But, what can we do?
Greet people at Wallmarts? Flip burgers at McDonalds? No Way!
Did you know that people 55-64 start small businesses at a higher rate than any other group in the US? Sole proprietorships, home-based and online businesses are a perfect fit because they are less expensive to start up and more flexible. What better way to earn a living than to use the computer for profit!
If you are interested in that route (instead of Route 66) check out the Small Business Association's website. There are many resources available to get started and pointed in the right direction.
Small Business Association Website

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