Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Still Headin' Down The Highway

April 15, 1969

Dear Daddy,
It was great talking to you last night. I am sorry that the hitchhiking ticket I got was 150.00. I will pay you back. Anyway, I had to panhandle some change to call you from the phone booth yesterday. Don't freak out, everybody panhandles spare change. It's ok. Money isn't that important and there's always somewhere to crash and I can always find some food. We have met some cool people along the way. I can't wait to get to California. There are people in the Haight called diggers and they let you hang out at their places and feed you. It's all about love. Well, got to go, there seems to be a storm coming and we want to hit the road before it gets here. I've had enough of Kansas, California here I come!
Love and Peace,


Wizard said...

That's the attitude! I still have to hitchhike around US. When I was 19 I lived in a place where listening to foreign radio was considered a crime punishable by jail. At 19 I was in the army training to hide from the ballistic missiles and listening to American radio on the army shortwave My kids (22 and 20) sometimes ask me: "What am I supposed to do?" and that worries me. That's exactly what they're not supposed to do: ask me :) The world is theirs to do with it whatever they want to! Happy New Yeas! Imagine all the people ...

Pardes said...

I was a flower child as well....although a very quiet one. Man, did you open the flood gates of memories!! Love your blog!

bob said...

holy cow! a sixties daddy's nightmare! i told my dad i was going to live off the land. two years later i was working at prudential as a programmer, where my dad worked down the hall. i was such a wannabe. but you wereabe! great blog! i'll be back.

ANDY & MEL LOWE said...


love the heading title

lots of love from two dawdling hermits in the highlands

will pop back often

andy & mel