Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Something's Happening Here, What It Is Ain't Exactly Clear

During the turbulent years of the 1960's, there were many issues that were addressed by protests. These issues included, a senseless war, (does war ever make sense?) civil rights and big government to name just a few.
Protests were held all over the country by so called radicals, college students, and hippies. This country was changed by these outspoken and non-violent protests. And non-violet protests they were. When the police and military stepped in, that is when things got ugly.
It seems to me, 40 years later, there is a similarity of issues going on in this county and things are getting out of hand. We as the main stream populace seem to be falling through the cracks and big government is taking over. The results of 911 has entitled our government to keep a "watchful" eye on everyone in this country. This disguise is to be for our benefit.
It's interesting to watch the progression of events, especially in the current Bush administration. We as tax payers are now bailing out big corporations for fear of astounding job loss and a nose dive into a depression. In my opinion, it's not for the job loss, it's to keep the fat cats who head these companies continue with their lavish lifestyle. They could care less about the common laborer. It's legal crime.
An effective protest in this matter would be for everyone in this country NOT to pay taxes next year. What's going to happen? Is the government going to throw everyone in jail? No. They will just have to hire all kinds of people to take care of the paperwork and that would create alot of needed jobs. If hands across America was pulled off, this can happen too.
Where is everybody? Where are the protesters of the 1960's who spoke out against such evil? Is everyone sitting back thinking that our sweet American government is going to take care of us? Think twice about that. There is something deeper going on here and the plan is in place and is starting to work. We are lemmings walking right off the cliff.
Instill fear in the masses and they are easily controlled. Tell them what they want to hear. Control the media, food supply, water supply, and most of all the population, a huge reduced population. One currency, one religion (if we are lucky) and no boundaries of countries, that's the plan and if we aren't careful, it will happen.
Do you realize that big companies put chips in consumer goods to track their buyers? It's a "marketing" technique. Beware of the chips to be inserted in newborn babies for the sake of tracking the child in case of an abduction. We do it to our pets, why not people? There is a must read book on this subject called Spychips: How Major Corporations and Government Plan to Track Your Every Purchase and Watch Your Every Move I encourage you to read this book.
I stumbled across a web site pertaining to the new world order and spent hours reading the vast information this site has. To be honest with you, I was freaked out. I believed much of what I read and now I want you to be freaked out to. Here is the site: Educate Yourself
Knowledge Is Power!


stoney said...

i just looked at your blog for the first time - only had a few minutes but as I scanned through it quickly, I felt a strong deja vu! Weren't the 60's just the best - i would say so much more but gotta run for now - will write more later - so glad to have found you!

~ jeff. said...

I think your warning should be listened to, but people are now days too busy "getting." And from my view point, I don't think any political party truly has the common folk in mind. They just want you to think they do.

Oh that does sound a bit gloomy - and it should.

Atrueoriginall said...

And the times that are a changin, unfortunately changed