Monday, December 29, 2008

Peace, Man

Did you ever wonder where the peace sign came from? I did some research and found out the design was the creation of a British textile designer named Gerald Holton.
The whole sign is to represent the words, "nuclear disarmament." It was brought out to the public at a ban the bomb march in London's Trafalgar Square on April 4, 1958.
Life magazine published a photo of that march and was the first time the symbol was seen in the United States. The anti war movement took the symbol beyond nuclear protest and has been in American pop culture ever since. During the civil rights movement, a friend of Martin Luther King began using it in the marches.
Now days, stores have been looking for ways to twist the peace sign into dollar signs.
It's put on everything from handbags to cupcakes.

The symbol was deliberately never copyrighted and is still recognized in Great Britain as the logo for nuclear disarmament. It is known worldwide for peace and non-violence. No one has to pay or seek permission before they use it, as it is a symbol of freedom. It is free for all to use.

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