Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Pill Box Hat

I love Jackie Kennedy. She brought to the White House such beauty, grace and charm.
Jackie Bouvier Kennedy was born in Southampton, NY. She was educated in the best private schools and learned to ride at a very young age. She attended Vassar and graduated from George Washington University.
After graduation, Jackie became a photographer for a Washington DC newspaper and met Senator John F. Kennedy. They were married in 1953. The inauguration of President Kennedy brought to the White House a beautiful first lady and the first young children in half a century.
Her favorite designer was Oleg Cassini who created elegant outfits for her. She liked only the best. She was loved all over the world. Pakistani President Muhammad Ayub Kahn brought his horse, Sardar, with him to a visit to the States and admired Jackie's horsemanship so much that he later gave Sardar to her.
Even more popular back home, women wore her hairdo, pillbox hat, and had a preference to pink. There were Jackie look-alike contests and women copied her clothes.
Aside from her elegant lifestyle, Jackie was also known to be a penny pincher. When the expensive bottles of wine were empty at dinner, she had cheaper wine poured in the bottles and nobody knew the difference. She also kept two sets of books. One for her records and one for her husband. JFK of course, didn't want the world to know how extravagant his wife was.
Jackie stood by her husband through thick and thin. We all know that it took quite some effort on her part, but her grace and charm always prevailed. In the end on that day of JFK's death, Jackie, wearing a pink wool suit, now bloodstained, refused to change her clothes as she wanted the world to know she would always be there for her husband.
There have been many books written about Jackie, but I have found one in particular, that you might be interested in reading. It is called What Jackie Taught Us: Lessons from the Remarkable Life of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and is about her childhood growing up and her life as the first lady. It's great reading and I highly reccomend this book if you would like to know more about this truely amazing woman.

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Atrueoriginall said...

I named my daughter after Jacqueline Kennedy. I love your blog to death. There isn't a single post in here that I can't relate to.