Monday, January 19, 2009

Miss Frances, Miss Frances, Let's Watch Ding Dong School!

Some of my readers talk highly of Miss Frances and her Ding Dong School. It's the real deal. No cheesy characters or fancy props. Actually, by today's standards, Miss Frances is rather frightening, but back then, she was just like chicken noodle soup.
Now class, today we have a special treat, it's the 1953 episode of the Ding Dong school. Sit back and grab a beer or some hot milk and enjoy.

Frances Rappaport Horwich was born in Ottawa Ohio in 1907 and died 2001 at the age of 94. The Ding Dong school started out in Chicago, but became popular so quickly, the broadcast became nationwide.In 1954 Frances won the George Peabody Award.But in 1956 the show was canceled in favor of The Price Is Right. Miss Frances is famous for her uncompromising principals. She would not endorse any products children couldn't use or advertise toys that glorified violence. It's too bad children's shows today can't convey that certain element of simple innocence.

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Della Street Dreaming said...

What a Hoot! And what a song, written by the Owl. Poor Miss Frances shoved out to make way for 'The Price is Right'. Loved it.
Thank you!