Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Good Morning Captain!

How perfect is that? Do you realize that Captain Kangaroo was the longest running children's show? It spanned from 1955-1984. Remember his pals, Mr. Green Jeans. Mr. Moose, Bunny Rabbit and Grandfather Clock? It all took place in the Treasure House.
Bob Keeshan was the Captian and before that he was Clarabelle on the Howdie Doody Show.
Think about it. Television was brand new and millions of kids were watching. Their moms were buying the toys, cereal, and Poll Parrot shoes he endorsed. Unfortunately, Keeshan was fired and Clarabelle was replaced. You can't fool a kid when it comes to a clown. They knew he was an impostor and wrote the stations in a rage. The real Clarabelle was rehired, but then fired again after two weeks over a money dispute.
At the age 28, Bob Keeshan became the Captain. Remember Mr. Moose dropping all the ping pong balls at the punch line of his knock knock jokes? Wasn't Mr. Rabbit so cute when the Captain fed him carrots? Grandfather Clock was the resident poet and Dancing Bear was just too cool.
Bob Keeshan was all about the kids. He was an advocate of children's education and learning. He can never be replaced.

Good Morning, Captain: Fifty Wonderful Years with Bob Keeshan, TV's Captain KangarooGood Morning Captain -Captain Kangaroo Original Cast Music from the CBS TV Show!


Pardes said...

I could never warm up to Captain Kangaroo. I was a Ding Dong School addict and most notably a serious "Kukla, Fran and Ollie" follower.

Majase Cyc said...

LOL, I was on that show when around five years old.

I remember seeing myself on the TV and thinking I'd be on Leave It To Beaver, hahaha.

Lonely Rivers said...

As they say now: omg! I forgot all about Kula, Fran and Ollie - on WRGB, Schenectady! And.."I'm your school bell, ding dong ding, come to me to play and sing!" What WAS her name? Thanks for the memories.

Pardes said...

The host of the "Ding Dong School" was Miss Frances. I can't believe I remembered her name after allllll these years! Do you remember her magic mirror? She would hold it up to the camera and pretend that she could see you. It was very very sweet. Here is a link: