Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Back On The Road Again

April 20, 1969

Dear Daddy,
We are finally out of Kansas! It's sure alot bigger than Ohio. But what's cool is, we are in Colorado! Wow, can you believe it! I never thought I would be in Colorado.
What a trip this state is but I still haven't seen a mountain yet. When I see one, I am going to just trip out! We met some people from Kentucky who are hitching out to Los Angeles. We are going to hang with them for awhile. Don't worry, everything is cool and I am fine. I took a nice hot shower yesterday at the dorm of some college.
Now I'm good to go. Well, I will keep you updated about my travels and will call as soon as I can panhandle some change at the next service station.
Love and Peace,

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