Monday, November 2, 2009

Run A Little Faster! Jump A Little Higher! Red Ball Jets!

Produced in 1951-1971, Red Ball Jets were the only sneakers to have. There really wasn't much choice back then.
Open the box and the smell of pungent rubber would smack you right in the face. It was almost a crime to put them on your feet, but you just couldn't wait!
The advertisements convinced children that they could actually run a little faster and jump a little higher. It was true. I was sure there was "flubber" somewhere in the shoe.
Uniroyal bought the rights to these shoes in 1971, but never produced any more after that.
Another good thing comes to an end.

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Corker2 said...

I do remember these sneakers, but can't recall if I had any. You are right. Something good has been long gone. However, I have noticed that the Converse sneakers that us boys used to wear are making a comeback! Wonder why that is?