Sunday, October 4, 2009

SPAM~The Miracle Meat! The Anytime Meat!

SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM Hormel's new miracle meat in a can. Tastes fine, saves time. If you want something good, ask for SPAM! Sung to the tune of the chorus of, "My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean," this was probably the first singing commercial, launched in 1940.
In 1926, this product was developed by Hormel as America's first canned ham, no refrigeration required. During world war two, sales boomed. It wasn't rationed like beef and became a prime staple in American meals.
Nikita Kruschev credits SPAM with the survival of the Russian army. I know my dad survived without it. When he was in the Cavalry during the war, they buried the stuff in the desert.
In the 1940's and 50's, the Hormel Girls performing throughout the country distributed SPAM door to door. Wow! Can you imagine answering your door and finding Hormel Girls standing there and probably singing the song, handing you a can of SPAM?
Did you know that:
*By world war two, over 20 thousand tons of SPAM were sold?
*Hawaiians eat an average of 4 cans of SPAM per year, more than any place on earth?
*In Korea, SPAM is sold in gift boxes and the stolen products are on the black market?
*By 1959 a billion cans of SPAM had been sold?
Some flavors include, hot and spicy, less sodium, lite, oven roasted turkey? hickory smoked, SPAM with bacon, cheese, garlic and even a SPAM spread.
In Hawaii, SPAM is so popular, it is called, "The Hawaiian Steak." McDonald's and Berger King feature SPAM on the menu. The reason for it's popularity in that area of the world, is due to the surplus from the soldiers that made it's way into native diets.
In Europe, during the 1940's, a popular food, in addition to fish and chips, were deep fried sliced battered SPAM called "SPAM fritters."
In Austin, Minnesota, the home of Hormel's headquarters, you can attend the SPAM festival, or stop at the famous SPAM museum. While there, don't forget to drop by Johnny's restaurant for some real home cookin' right off the SPAMarama menu!

Bon Appetit!


ethelmaepotter! said...

The Hawaiian steak? Wow, now THAT'S an interesting bit of trivia!
Would you believe I have three tins of Spam in my pantry right now? Really, truly, I do; hubby is crazy about the stuff. Or just crazy.

Nothing Profound said...

Interesting facts! Never ate spam myself, and amazed anyone else does. I've only heard it made fun of. Of course I hear the word "spam" every day as it's a synonym for evil in the blogging world.

Cheryl from thatgirlisfunny said...

Ode to Spam! Spam makes me laugh. I have no memory of what it tastes like. I'll probably never eat it again. But it makes me smile! I don't even know why. Spam is the perfect punchline to the question what's for lunch? Spam sammich, of course. What ever happened to hamburger helper makes a great meal?

Gloria Kelley said...

I just got around to reading all of the blog entries I missed in the past month or so and I love the one about SPAM. That word means something entirely different now, but I remember the look and the texture of the canned stuff. I can still taste it,(it just won't go away.) LOL
Thanks for an entertaining blog entry.

Joy said...

We ate Spam as kids, and I even fed it to my kids. Fry up a slice, add a slice of Velveeta cheese and make a Spam Sandwich! (My kids are 30 and 33 now).

Anonymous said...

I just ate a Spam sandwich for dinner. Delicious! Here is my Spam Challenge to all you scaredy cat scoffers: eat just one (1) slice of Spam so you can give an informed opinion. You never know until you try...