Sunday, September 27, 2009

Crash Pad

May 10, 1969

Dear Daddy,
I am having such a cool time. You wouldn't believe Keeper and Mary's place. It's a total crash pad. It's better than any place in BG. There are about 20 of us just hangin out. We camp in the yard and travel around to see the sites. There's a hip fish market on the pier where we buy our dinner to cook. The dude gives us fish parts and we go around the back of his place and drop them down in the ocean to feed the sea lions. It's so far out! The other day, though, Lippy, took us for a ride up the coast. He's from New York and went to college with us at BG. Anyway, he's got this freakie car. It's 1949 Buick. It's big and cool. You have to pull the brake pedal up with a rope. That's not so cool. We were going up the mountain real slow and he had to put on the brakes, I mean, pull the rope. Well, it came off the pedal, the car starts rolling backwards and we all jumped out. Man, I thought I was having a bad trip or something. The car hit the mountain and stopped. We all got back in and were laughing way too hard. It's ok, don't worry. I'm fine and didn't die or something. Maybe I have good Karma after all. Well, just checkin in. We are starting to plan our trip up to Washington, but not too much. It's really not good to plan stuff. It's more fun to just let it happen. Dig?
Love and Peace,


Timoteo said...

Back in the day, my apartment became a crash pad for a whole assortment of hippies--it got so bad that I was sleeping on the floor, and when I'd try to go to the bathroom there would usually be someone I'd never seen before taking a shower in there. We all got kicked out when someone reported to the landlady that there were hippies running around naked outside my pad.

Nothing Profound said...

Wonderful to be young and feel that way. Free and living for the moment. Thing is, at my age, I still do.

Joy said...

Man, the things we did when we were young... I did a lot of stupid things--good thing God was watching out for me. Just remembered another late 60's thing: panhandling. Remember? "Hey man, got any spare change?"