Saturday, August 8, 2009

Red And The Pledge

This video was taken from the Red Skelton Hour show January 14,1969. He touched the hearts of Americans with his Pledge of Allegiance, explaining the meaning of each and every word.
Things have certainly changed since then and it seems to me that we as a nation have somehow gotten off track. Perhaps this video can show us the way back.

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Corker2 said...

I tend to agree very much about what the Pledge of Allegiance say's, and always have. This was an outstanding Post!

I can still look back to my early years in Grade School and even in High School. How we had to all stand from our desks, place our right hand over our heart, and say this Pledge. I have done it so many times, that I know it by heart and always have.

Your right! Our younger generation should take a serious look at what this Pledge means, and what it has stood for over the many years. Somewhere, over time, it has been forgotten by some, but not by all.

And the "one Nation under God" should never be taken out of the Pledge. It has been there for so long, and always should be. This crap about taking that part out of the Pledge is a bunch of s***!