Sunday, April 25, 2010

It's Fizzie Time!

I bet you remember Fizzies! Dropping a tablet into water and watching it fizz was so cool. Better yet, I bet you put them on your tongue and let them fizz away. Your mouth got all foamy and your mother freaked out and told you your stomach would explode. Am I wrong?
The Emerson Drug Company who made Bromo-Seltzer, wanted to create a tablet that when added to water, would create a soda pop drink. The chemist, Lem Billings invented the idea in 1950 and name it Fizzies. At first though, they were only
marketed locally.
In 1962, the Emerson Drug Comapny was bought by Warner Lambert and they took Fizzies national. In 1968, the sales volume of Fizzies more than doubled that of Kool-Aid.
I bet you had a favorite flavor. There was strawberry, root beer, grape, orange, lemon lime, cherry, and sometimes cola.
The formula for these little drink tablets changed because the artificial sweetner being used was banned by the FDA. Go figure. Cyclamates were linked to cancer. The last pack rolled off the line in 1969.
In the mid 1990's, Fizzies made a short comeback and was marketed as an "Instant Sparkling Drink."
Nutra Sweet was used and the tablets only had 10 calories, vitamin C enriched, and great in milk.
I don't think so.
Fizzies are being made today, once again. Sucralose, a natural derivative of sugar is being used as the
sweetner. By the way, the Jones Soda Company has come out with their version of a Fizzie called Jones Soda Candy.
I say, by a box of fizzies and put a tablet or two on your tongue, and let your kids or grandkids know what being a baby boomer is all about!


Lydia said...

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AnaVar said...

Marvelous! I'm glad you remembered me on those funny days! Whoever didn't put those tabs on toungue, doesn't know what he's missing! Have to get some :)

Melody said...

I was in Puerto Rico New Year's of 1969, and my friend and I had just left the casino and were on our way down the corridor. Coming toward us, champagne glass in hand, was Ed Sullivan. He was obviously in a very good mood, and as we met up with him, he wished us a Happy New Year and we responded in kind. I always liked him.

Joy said...

I loved Fizzies! I practically lived on them--I was a skinny kid and a picky eater. I liked root beer Fizzies.