Friday, January 1, 2010

Enjoy Better Living With Your Crosley Shelvador Refridgerator!

Now that you own the beautiful new 1951 Shelvador, you are going to find that your food will keep better and meals will be so much easier to prepare. For those special occasions, when there are going to be guests for dinner, luncheon, or supper, it will be much less tiring than it used to be.
You'll  be surprised at how much food you can store in this new refridgerator. So many things can be kept on the shelves in reach, in sight! And there is plenty of room for frozen foods too. You can shop ahead and save money and shopping time. You will be able to serve more healthful and nutritious foods with your wonderful new Crosley Shelvador!


ethelmaepotter! said...

And isn't it the happy little housewife who enjoys her new refrigerator in her pink frilly apron, pearls, and heels! See how easily it opens and she can just reach and grab..what is that? Beer for the hubby and his pal?

(Dang, when I enlarged it, I saw that it was just Pepsi!)

soulMerlin said...

Wow! I gotta get one!!