Thursday, March 12, 2009

On The Road Again

April 29, 1969

Dear Daddy,
The Colorado mountains were a trip. The house where we crashed at was so cool. A real mountain cabin. The folks who we stayed with were artists. They make money by selling tie dyed t-shirts. They gave us each one. Too cool. We are in Utah now.
It's very hot and it looks like the moon. I am tripping out over the landscape. I can't wait to get to California to see the ocean. I am not so sure about sleeping under the stars tonight. The desert is kinda freaky. But, don't worry, I am ok. I really need a shower. Well Daddy, gotta go now, I will write next week.
Be cool,
Peace and love,

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jeanie said...

I hitched across the country with my boyfriend. What a great ride. I love your blog and posted a link from one of my blogs. You can edit this if you need to, as not sure you what my link here. I would of emailed you but not sure how to. I am in process of writing a book about whole life stuff, not sure if I want to make it fiction or memoir.