Sunday, February 1, 2009

See Spot Run! Fun With Dick And Jane!

Remember the Dick and Jane readers in elementary school? I was probably in the second grade, riding home from school in the back of the bus. I was so engrossed with Puff the cat and Spot the dog I forgot to get off. The driver realized it several blocks later and by that time, I was already freaking out because I thought I was lost and would never find my way home again. Needless to say, the bus driver turned around and everything was fine.
Dick and Jane were the main characters in the little reading text books we had as kids. They were written by Dr. William S. Gray and were used from 1930's to the 70's.
Dr. gray was accused of plagiarism of another work called the Dick and Dora readers.
Also included in the books, as you probably remember were, Puff the cat, Spot the dog, Mother, Father, Jack the clown and Tim the teddy bear. These books relied on sight reading and repetition of words. They ignored phonics as a more effective way to teach reading.
Characters from other races and cultures were not introduced until 1965. At that time, the Dick and Jane readers were declining in popularity.
If you have some of these books stashed away, you are one lucky Spot. They are worth a few hundred dollars.


Atrueoriginall said...

omg! Now that's one I'll never forget. To me they are so meaningful. I wish they still used them today but unfortunately they don't.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the memories . My wife is much younger than I and Puff the cat came up in conversation. Now she'll know that Puff lives in our hearts forever.